The Hydrogen Separator Kit

Pure Hydrogen Separator Cell by Neo Hydro

Benefits from using Hydrogen as Fuel !

  1. Hydrogen is non-polluting. When burned, water is the by-product.
  2. Hydrogen is cheaper to produce than gasoline.
  3. Hydrogen is safer than any other fuel; gasoline, diesel, propane, or natural gas.
  4. Hydrogen can help prevent the depletion of fossil fuels.
  5. Hydrogen can be produced on site, without the need to transport it.

Hydrogen production systems allow you to reduce fuel consumption in a car or circuit heating your burner. Simply using normal percentage of your fuel mixed with hydrogen gas produced from a Hydrogen Separator called electrolysis. The produced pure hydrogen is directly sent to the combustion chamber of the engine or burner through air intake manifold, where it mixes with the carbon-based fuels (petrol, diesel, LPG) and there is ignition.

This causes the increase of the air/fuel octane forcing the fuel to burn almost completely, increasing the engine’s performance while significantly reducing the amounts of pollutants emitted from the exhaust.

In short, the most important benefits from using a Hydrogen Generator in your combustion Engine are: Great Fuel Economy + Environment Friendly.

Benefits from using Pure Hydrogen Separator Cell in our engine?

  1. Improving the speed of combustion contributes to limiting new carbonated and helps remove old settle, this results in maintaining clean valves and pistons. Result of this improvement, is to minimize phenomena like: bad synchronization and abrasion.
  2. We also reduce the operating noise of the engine, reducing idling, drastically reducing exhaust, especially hydrocarbons. This directly confirms our gas card. Here we can clearly see the differences of pollutants before and after application.
  3. Fuel economy at least 29 to 45%, increase horsepower and torque 10 to 15% and reduce exhaust up to 80%.
  4. Up to this point the hydrogen combustion improver (catalyst) increases the optimization of combustion and electric motor work. It is not only stored but produced and consumed immediately.

It applies to all types of vehicles with internal combustion engines, regardless of the primary fuel (petrol, oil, gas).


Hydrogen Separator Kit Safety

Pure Hydrogen is much more secure than the Hydroxy (HHO) because there is no oxygen mixed with hydrogen, so there is no possibility of hazardous anadromous ignitions (flashbacks).

Our Pure Hydrogen Systems, include a series of state-of-the-art security systems which deliver peace of mind and security in their use such as:

Smart starting system

This system allows the circuit to operate hydrogen production only when the engine is running (not just when we have the switch to ON) helping to secure supply of electricity from the battery. This makes our system able to fit in even in hybrid vehicles with an electric motor as well as in vehicles with Start-Stop system.

Intensity control system.

Our PWM Electronic Controllers, controls the amps that are supplied to the circuit and associate between them help to maintain constant temperature and volume of the beehive for the optimum production of pure hydrogen.

The gas separation circuit ensures the preservation of the purity of Hydrogen at high levels.

Why should I choose Neo Hydro Hydrogen Separator Systems ?

Pure Hydrogen goes to the vehicles air intake and operates as a reinforcing combustion which helps complete nearly the entire quantity of fuel that goes to the rollers of your engine.

The Oxygen is released in the atmosphere. It is important to mention that until now the most advanced engine ever built, uses only 47% of fuel elapsing through the engine in comparison with common engines in our cars using 30% to 35% of fuel elapsing through it, while the rest is vaporized as unburned HydroCarbons (HC).


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