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In Neo Hydro’s generators, we have perfected a generator that produces hydrogen and oxygen separately. The appliance can be applied to all engines irrespective of the fuel which it consumes. 

The electrolysis apparatus Neo Hydro produces oxygen in separate exits, it’s released into the atmosphere and hydrogen is driven through the duct into the combustion chamber.

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Green Energy For Your Vehicles

What’sBenefits from using Pure Hydrogen Separator Cell in our engine?

  1. It reduces CO2 emissions. We do not add to the pollution and harmful exhaust gases produced by our engine. In our way we contribute to dealing with pollution of the environment.
  2. It reduces the engine temperature. It improves the life duration of the engine as combustion takes place at much lower temperatures.
  3. It eliminates the carbon deposits from your engine and it prevents carbon dioxide emissions
  4. Less engine noise. The hydrogen effects the combustion cycle. The engine will be much more quiter than before. This is a result of the less combustion of your car.
  5. It increases the life duration of the engine

Just add Water with Green hydrogen system

Hydrogen has a higher thermal value, it participates in the combustion and ignites faster than petrol and accelerates the combustion (catalyst) Increasing the speed of combustion, the engine will use up most of the fuel mixture (petrol, hydrogen) before opening the outlet valves.

All internal combustion engines make incomplete combustion of hydrocarbon used (gasoline, petrol) and the result is to have foul (pollution). For this reason, Neo Hydro has managed to manufacture high quality generators made from high quality materials that completely break and separate the water; into its  two parts hydrogen and oxygen, so as to offer maximum production of pure hydrogen reducing the current loss function (wasteful Amp) 95% vs. electrolysis. This is achieved by appropriate collaboration of the plates, the insulation and the proper configuration of the gaskets in each cell of the device.

Pure Hydrogen in gaseous form, is directly transmitted into the combustion chamber, accelerating the complete combustion of gasoline, without the presence of oxygen which would cause negative effects in terms of fuel economy, because the oxygen sensor “L” would send the information “lean” in the engine ECU requesting more fuel. In contrast to pure hydrogen as the oxygen sensor “L” transmits the information to the ECU as “rich mixture” and reduces the amount of fuel supply. For this reason, it does not need any electronic aid (chip) which would fool the data oxygen sensor “L”.

This means that it will burn a higher rate of carbon, resulting in reduced vertical carbon oxides (90%) and the excess hydrogen and oxygen molecules will be join in water, due to heating of the catalyst it will be vaporized driven into the exhaust.

The complete separation of the gases ensures that we will not have to make any adjustments to the individual functions of the engine.

Neo Hydro specializes in manufacturing high quality Hydrogen production systems that can be used with any type of internal combustion engine. The technology applied has no restrictions to any type of fuel. It is compatible with all types of engines whether it is gasoline, diesel or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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