Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between HHO and HH systems ?

The main difference between the two systems is that the HH makes complete separation of hydrogen from oxygen by passing only hydrogen in the combustion chamber and oxygen which is not necessary, goes to atmosphere. Because sufficient only the oxygen which is at the atmosphere in percentage 19% rather O1 100%.

Do I need chip at oxygen sensor "L" ?

Not in any way. The oxygen sensor “L” must operate without any interference because, Neo Hydro’s generators not injects oxygen into the combustion chamber but only pure hydrogen, that will diagnose the oxygen sensor “L” after the burning with the basic fuel and then cause of perfect combustion, will instruct the brain to decrease fuel supply.

How much fuel will I save ?

The percentage of fuel saving starts from 29% and reaches 45%. In these rates helps the absence of oxygen, which clearly and dramatically reduce saving rates.

Can the hydrogen generator cause any short or long term harm to my engine ?

Not in any way, unlike the engine kicks earlier deposits of hydrocarbons, leading to increasing the life of your engine.

Do Neo Hydro generators need maintenance ?

These generators are made ​​of high quality material and resistance to temperature, corrosion, etc. and required only once a year, the replacement of the solution electrolysis.

Can I use any kind of water ?

As tap water, even rainwater and especially saltwater have mineral deposits, residues are left behind in your cell and will build up to an unacceptable level. It is highly recommended that you use distilled or deionized water.

Why we need only hydrogen and how it works during combustion ?

We need only hydrogen because it is essentially the fuel. Oxygen usage by the other affects the oxygen sensor “L”, which recognizes the excess oxygen. This information is transferred to vehicle CPU which then recognizes lean fuel as a result to increase the spraying of fuel resulting in increased fuel consumption. Hydrogen acts as a combustion catalyst, enables us increasing the transmission speed flame by taking advantage from sprayed fuel to open the valve. It is worth noting that most modern engines operate up to 50% of the fuel injected into the combustion chamber, while the admixture of pure hydrogen increased to 98%.

What kind of fuel can cooperate with pure hydrogen generators ?

Pure hydrogen generators can cooperate with all fuels (petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG).

How much electricity is consumed ?

Neo Hydro has managed to reduce the loss of power (temperature) with the insulation and the processing of the plates between cells of the device at a rate of 70% versus other electrolysis generators. This results in the full use of electrons to the surface of the plates for the decomposition of water in two parts H2 and O1. This means that using only 3-10 Ampere, according to the respective cylinder of motor, because we have sufficient production of pure hydrogen.

In case of an accident, can the hydrogen generator increase the risk of fire ?

In no case because there is no pressurized Hydrogen stored.

Do we need liquid anti-foaming at Neo Hydro generators ?

Yes. Neo Hydro’s anti-foaming RE13, has managed to eliminate foam caused by electrolysis.

Does Neo Hydro hydrogen kit work on vehicles with Turbo ?

Yes. Neo Hydro hydrogen kit works in turbocharged engines. Just make sure to inject the hydrogen gas input before the turbocharger, not after.

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