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Reduction of pollution from large industrial


 Provide support to local authorities in order toprovide cleaner air for citizens

Pure Hydrogen Separator Cell by Neo Hydro

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Natural Gas Generators

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What does it mean for companies to be “environmentally friendly”?

We have all heard, “This is the bottom line.” But many companies disagree, instead of operating on a triple bottom line: people, planets and profit. These companies place their impact on the community and the environment as critical measurements of their success.

With the severity of the current climate crisis, it is important that we continue to develop our high standards of environmental friendliness and applaud companies that continue to prioritize and work at the forefront of environmental innovation.

Why is it important for companies to be environmentally friendly?

There are many ethical and practical reasons why companies should commit to being leaders in the environment. First of all is the reality that we have only one planet and we all share it. All businesses have an impact on the planet and it affects us all.

 Companies use huge amounts of our planet’s resources and in turn have huge impacts. It is vital that sustainability is at the heart of their supply, production and distribution to ensure that the world we live in continues to be habitable for the people who benefit from these companies.

In addition to ethical requirements, businesses need to be environmentally friendly and practical. Consumers are increasingly seeking to interact with environmentally friendly products and companies. In a recent Nielsen report, 81% of consumers said it was “extremely” or “very” important for companies to “implement environmental improvement programs” and 30% of consumers said they were “willing to pay a premium” for products they provide in relation to social responsibility claims. “

What’s the profit by using     Neo Hydro

  1. It reduces CO2 emissions. We do not add to the pollution and harmful exhaust gases produced by our engine. In our way we contribute to dealing with pollution of the environment.
  2. It reduces the engine temperature. It improves the life duration of the engine as combustion takes place at much lower temperatures.
  3. It eliminates the carbon deposits from your engine and it prevents carbon dioxide emissions
  4. Less engine noise. The hydrogen effects the combustion cycle. The engine will be much more quiter than before. This is a result of the less combustion of your car.
  5. It increases the life duration of the engine

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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