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Είστε έτοιμοι να γίνετε πράσινοι με υδρογόνο;

Neo hydro llc is an international environmental and eco friendly company, that it’s work is around   pure hydrogen.

Hydrogen is new form of energy that can be used as a fuel, for better results and cleaner environment for all of us.

Hydrogen is the simplest, lightest element in the known universe. It is made up of one proton and one electron. Because of its simplicity, some believe that hydrogen is the root of all elements.

Το νερό και η γη, τα δύο βασικά υγρά από τα οποία εξαρτάται η ζωή, έχουν γίνει παγκόσμια κουτιά σκουπιδιών

Jacques-Yves Cousteau,


Benefits from using Hydrogen as Fuel !

  1. Hydrogen is non-polluting. When burned, water is the by-product.
  2. Hydrogen is cheaper to produce than gasoline.
  3. Hydrogen is safer than any other fuel; gasoline, diesel, propane, or natural gas.
  4. Hydrogen can help prevent the depletion of fossil fuels.
  5. Hydrogen can be produced on site, without the need to transport it.

Who we are

Neo Hydro is a leading ecology consulting company. The environmental (carbon) footprint of a business is the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by the sum of its direct and indirect activities.

What we do

We provide specialized advice and services to clients in the private, public and commercial sectors. Hydro first element in the periodic table. In normal conditions it’s a colourless, odourless and insipid gas, formed by diatomic molecules, H2.

How we do it

Our team of experts will visit your business premises and extract all the necessary data on emission reduction and resource utilization.
By reducing your environmental footprint, you can protect the environment while significantly reducing your operating costs.

Ready to Save an Extra 40% on Your Engine fuel?

Pure Hydrogen Separator Kits are advanced Hydrogen Generators that completely break and separate the water into its two parts: Hydrogen and Oxygen.

The Hydrogen in gaseous form is then directly transmitted into the combustion chamber, accelerating the complete combustion of gasoline

Our mission

Neo hydro primary goal is to create a better world, by reducing the pollution from the atmosphere and provide a better source of energy for all of us to use in our everyday needs.

By using pure hydrogen for a fuel  we are able to produce pure oxygen for our environment and have a better retribution  our engines.

How we do it:

By creating a new (gadgets) that are easy and cost effective, so every one of us can use and start enjoying all the benefits right away from day one.

We all need to live here. Save earth 

We essentially believe in corporate social and environmental responsibility and the sustainable development of businesses.
We provide the means to reduce the environmental footprint as a guide to the transition to a modern global model for the development of sustainability and environmental protection

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

Welcome to the upgraded website of the Neo Hydro Environment.

We hope that through our website you will gain information promptly and easily regarding our powers, mission and activities as well as the services we provide to the public.

The Earth is what we all have in common!!!

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